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Patient Safety Advisory Services

Complexity in healthcare continues to grow. Challenges persist.

Let's think differently.

Human-Centered Healthcare Guided by ECRI

Healthcare is inherently human. Practicing healthcare requires providers to work with increasingly complex tools and technologies across multiple environments, all while collaborating with each other, patients and caregivers. ECRI's Total Systems Approach to Safety is a new, comprehensive, programmatic approach that aligns components of clinical and safety operations to improve patient care. By redesigning elements of the clinical and safety system, providers are supported to deliver care in a more highly reliable and resilient way.

How We're Different 

Our transformative methodology examines all elements of the system to understand where vulnerabilities exist. And most importantly, puts people at the center of everything we do. Together, we Assess, Innovate, and Evaluate, at any scale, from units to entire systems of care, to create human-centered, aligned systems that minimize risk and enhance reliability.

Anchored in safety science, human factors engineering and health equity, our proactive systems approach integrates safety-related processes like infection prevention, medication management, device and technology safety.

Human Factors Engineering

ECRI is the only non-profit, independent safety organization with formally trained Human Factors Systems Engineers with over 100 years of combined experience across military, transportation, aerospace, academic, and healthcare domains.

Leveraging this vast hands-on expertise, our team applies proven research-backed methods to improve safety at every point across the entire system, creating the foundation required to achieve Total Systems Safety.

Infection Prevention & Control

Our multidisciplinary team of certified (CIC) infection preventionists and epidemiologists harness their decades of invaluable frontline experience and the industry's most current, evidence-based practices to help organizations like yours, reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), address gaps related to the sterilization of medical equipment, improve infection prevention and control plans, and mitigate and control outbreaks.

Medication Safety

As the first non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safe medication practices, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has been a global leader in medication safety for over 30 years.

With ISMP’s extensive experience in the system-based causes of medication errors, our team is uniquely positioned to work confidentially and objectively to help you maximize success with current medication safety initiatives.

Device Safety

As the sole independent medical device testing laboratory globally, our team performs hands-on rigorous testing and evaluation of devices to deliver trustworthy results and insights into the safest, and most cost-effective medical devices on the market. No other private sector organization in North America assumes this responsibility or provides this level of information and assurance.

How We Help

It's not always easy to drive change when everything is in flux. That’s why we tailor our solution to your specific challenges, needs and constraints.

As clinicians, we know what it's like. 

Our lived experience across disciplines and care settings helps us connect with the complexities and nuances present in today's healthcare system. Whether starting from scratch or building upon an existing foundation, we'll be there every step of the way, continuously improving, so your organization can better adapt to the unique needs of your world.

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