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Recall Management

Speed response time with early warning indicators designed to minimize harmful impact.

Be the first to know if harmful products are affecting your organization.

Built on over five decades of industry-leading expertise, our Recall Management solution reduces risk, time and effort by minimizing the impact recalls have on your day-to-day operations and most importantly, the safety of your patients. Our recall alerts notify users days, weeks, and even months ahead of the FDA, helping to speed response time, strengthen compliance and safeguard your organization from costly harm.

Focus solely on the recalls that affect you.

Our Automatch feature utilizes advanced algorithms to scan and match recalls directly with your inventory, so you remain focused on only the most critical alerts in the timeliest manner. By automating this critical process, organizations have been able to achieve over 95% recall compliance.


Average percentage of Class I recalls posted before FDA notifications


Alerts delivered in 2023


Facilities relying on Alerts Recall Management Solution

up to 90%

Reduction in time spent on recalls

Target actions based on your unique needs.

With the ability to designate alerts to specific roles and customize content across over 50 categories, our solution streamlines workflows to deliver swift, targeted action that enhances patient safety protocols across your organization.

Safe, vetted alternatives at your fingertips.

ECRI's functional equivalence algorithms are based on expertly weighted key performance and other indicators for more than 400 product categories. Only ECRI assures you have quick access to a comprehensive list of safe, vetted alternatives.

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