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Supply Chain Intelligence

Safe, data-driven decisions. Empowered by ECRI. 

Navigate supply chain challenges with confidence.

By leveraging the North America's largest, GPO-agnostic datasets, and our expert insights we help you make safe, smart decisions that maximize value and impact across your sites of care. 

Accomplish more, more efficiently with ECRI.

By harnessing the power of our solutions, leaders like you can standardize, optimize, and accelerate decision making—all while containing costs and upholding the highest standards of safety and care.

Why Work with Us

Largest independent supply datasets in the nation 

GPO Agnostic

AI-Fueled Analytics and Solutions

Unique Functional Equivalent capabilities 


Gain valuable insights into industry trends, identify opportunities for cost reduction, find substitute products, implement standardization strategies, optimize utilization, and identify performance gaps. We empower leaders to enhance patient care delivery while ensuring the availability of essential medical supplies and equipment.

Decision Support

Anticipate potential disruptions in care. Make timely, sound purchasing decisions that align with clinical colleagues. Establish a proactive capital equipment replacement strategy. With ECRI's AI-driven analytics, predictive modeling insights, and optimization, healthcare providers are empowered to negotiate better deals and safeguard against supply chain risks.


Pinpoint prime opportunities within your spending data to save, safely. Our tailored insights reveal hidden improvement opportunities, allowing you to achieve your goals. With ECRI, access advanced analytics and visualization tools via executive dashboards, providing near time data and actionable insights across your supply chain. Together let’s enhance your bottom line with more consistent wins in pricing parity, product standardization, and utilization optimization.

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Tackle healthcare's most pressing challenges head on with our human-centered, systems-based approach.

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