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Ambulatory Care

Contain costs and assure safety, as demand grows.

Reduce spending on supplies and extend capital budgets, safely.

ECRI provides data, insights, and expert support for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), physician group practices, and urgent care organizations looking to save, safely. Our clinical experts help you navigate medication safety concerns, mitigate infection risks, and advance clinical outcomes. We help you optimize spending, secure the right supply at the best price, and maximize capital equipment budgets for seamless patient care.

Mitigate infection and medication safety concerns.

We assess your organization's culture, infrastructure, practices, systems, and technology to pinpoint infection control gaps. With trusted guidance, we enhance patient and staff safety. Partnering with ISMP experts, we establish proactive care improvements and mitigate adverse medication safety events.


Identified savings in capital spend


Identified savings in supply spend


Supply and capital spend in dataset

Identify potential disruptions and strengthen your supply chain.

Achieve a more resilient supply chain that meets the unique demands of your specific needs while upholding the highest standards of patient care. Gain price transparency and unlock potential savings opportunities within your supply chain with smart data, valuable insights, price benchmarking, evidence-based information, and expert advisors.

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