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Intelligence and insights for better decision making.

Enhance your competitive positioning.

Evaluate your products and competition through a lens of independent, evidence-based data, and market share information. Achieve more effective strategies, ensure the development of safer products, and gain critical market knowledge.

Validate your research.

Get a distinctive perspective on the challenges faced in healthcare through actionable insights. Validate your research against industry benchmarks and peer performance for market clarity. Early indicators of market shifts, in advance of related FDA or news coverage, empower your ability to proactively respond to disruptions and innovations.


Annual supply and equipment GPO agnostic spend database


Reporting healthcare facilities


The only independent testing lab in healthcare

Our Market Insights

We offer manufacturers an array of market insights and intelligence solutions necessary to fuel growth and eclipse the competition.

Comprehensive Market Insights

Enhance strategic planning and growth with quarterly business reviews and insights customized to your products and markets. Our industry experts deliver actionable insights that will enhance and elevate your understanding of the market.

Capital Market Insights

Leverage our on-demand, web-based platform to capture equipment data to better understand the competitive landscape and effectively navigate the market.

Supply Market Insights

Optimize your product management and price benchmarking strategies with access to our on-demand, web-based platform that enables you to evaluate GPO agnostic supply data.

Hazards and Recalls

Obtain advance notification of market disruptions and inform your post-market surveillance process with early warning indicators of safety issues that proceed FDA or news coverage.

Clinical Evidence

Get clarity of how third-party payers, healthcare providers, and health technology assessment agencies review and make product decisions that could support or disrupt your market.

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