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Independent Device Evaluation

In-depth insights from the only independent device testing lab in the nation.

Empower your organization with independent insights.

When it comes to making smart buying decisions, you need objective, evidence-based research and recommendations. As the nation's only independent medical device testing organization, ECRI conducts hands-on rigorous testing and evaluation of devices that informs real-world technology decision making across all care settings. No other private sector organization in North America assumes this responsibility or provides this level of information and assurance.

Objective Results You Can Trust

Leveraging independent laboratory testing, specification recommendations, and direct user experience we identify products that outperform and are safer than those with significantly higher prices. From exploring and purchasing to operating and maintaining medical technology, ECRI provides a solution that empowers you with the independent insights you need to make the best and most well-informed decisions.


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Categories of devices evaluated

Why We're Unique

Our team of engineers and scientists are passionate about safety. If a hazard is identified while evaluating a device, it is immediately vetted and published to reduce preventable harm. Our evaluations focus on devices that not only cover the continuum of care but also the spectrum of technology including cutting-edge, AI-driven innovation.

  • Each evaluation is conducted using a test methodology developed by clinical reviewers, manufacturers, and internal experts.
  • All participating vendors can comment on testing methodology, and the methodology is applied equally to all evaluated devices to produce a fair comparison.
  • Results are presented using our five-star rating scale, and are obtained through hands-on testing by engineering staff at our laboratory, as well as through review of available clinical evidence.
  • All results are reviewed externally by clinicians and participating manufacturers before publication.

The Industry's Strictest Conflict-of-Interest Policy

For more than five decades, our strict conflict-of-interest (COI) policy has provided assurance about the integrity of our work. Our COI policy applies to our entire staff, extending beyond financial interest to include emotional and intellectual conflicts or bias.



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