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Healthcare Incident Investigation and Technology Consulting

Understand why healthcare incidents occur to better prevent them in the future.

Improve systems fast to prevent harm from occurring.

Incident response and preparedness are essential in reducing the number of accidents and hazards that occur. Our team of technical and clinical investigators work with you to identify the root cause of an incident, and build strategies, procedures, safeguards, and corrective actions aimed at preventing future incidents – saving your staff valuable time and resources.

Enhance patient care with proactive strategies that mitigate risks.

Taking action before incidents occur is a crucial step in reducing the likelihood of reoccurrence. Our proactive safety consultations are designed to improve current practices and address a range of critical issues including alarm management, surgical fire prevention, infusion pump management, infection prevention and control, and device evaluations.

Stay ahead of the curve with expert technology consulting. 

Whether you are purchasing, maintaining, or sunsetting healthcare technology, we are here to help you throughout every step. Leverage our unique subject matter expertise in medical device safety to address your most pressing concerns such as ensuring the technology meets your standards, deciding how to service or when to replace your devices.

Empower excellence through education.

From traditional in-person training to interactive e-learning courses, such as our Healthcare Incident Management and Investigation (HIMI) Course, we foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Our extensive e-learning catalog provides healthcare professionals with resources to enhance their risk assessment and response capabilities.

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