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Healthcare Market Insights

Unlock a new world of improvement opportunities within your data.

Value beyond cost savings, delivered.

Pinpoint prime opportunities for improvement within your spend data fueled by trusted insights from ECRI. We harness AI and machine learning capabilities to transform data into an actionable opportunities. Healthcare leaders will be empowered to make informed decisions, drive savings safely, and enhance efficiency.

See what's possible.

Gain clarity and control over medical devices, physician preference items such as primary hip/knee implants and cardiac stents, capital equipment, and other supplies. Our insights empower leaders to make strategic decisions on purchasing, utilization, and inventory. We identify standardization opportunities and recommend best practices to reduce clinical variation. Track progress, identify trends by category, department, facility, and nationally.


Identified annual savings with combined capital and supply dataset


In combined capital and supply annual spend data

Expand your bandwidth, without expanding your team.

With our team by your side, get the heavy lifting done. Our experts conduct a deep dive analysis of your data, freeing up hours of time you can spend elsewhere. We pinpoint and deliver actionable insights, at every turn.

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Supply and Capital Dataset

Optimize supply and capital purchasing and gain greater control over and transparency in supply chain decisions with a reliable pricing database.

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Functional Equivalents

Identify functional equivalents for medical-surgical supplies and implants in any given category.

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Utilization Analytics

Benchmark product usage to that of peer organizations across the country to uncover savings opportunities beyond price points and contracting initiatives.

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