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Decision Support

Decide with confidence. Backed by evidence.

Make evidence-based decisions, confidently.

Rely on ECRI's comprehensive datasets and AI-driven analytics to enhance purchasing, negotiate better deals, and mitigate supply chain risks. Stay ahead of potential care disruptions with our trusted early warning systems. Make timely, informed purchasing decisions that align with clinical needs. Establish a proactive strategy for capital equipment replacement with expert guidance. Access on-demand testing capabilities to get timely answers you need.

Align purchasing goals across key stakeholders.

In today's environment bridging clinical and financial considerations has never been more critical. We can help. ECRI's resources and guidance empower the right conversations on the selection and utilization of cost-effective products that reduce preventable harm.


Validated average supply spend savings per facility


Average capital expenditure savings per facility

40 Hours

Validated average provider time saved on every vendor RFP


Average supply spend savings per RFP

Mitigate risk and build resilient supply chains.

Our expert investigators help you prevent medical device incidents and better manage device use. We uncover the cause of incidents and identify timely solutions that protect your reputation. We help you predict when medical devices are likely to fail and develop systematic capital budget replacement plans that reduce the risk of unexpected failures. We keep you ahead of recalls and their impact on patient care.

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More Ways We Help

Value Analysis Workflow

Improve new product and standardization decisions with a workflow solution that connects users to best-in-class intelligence and clinical evidence content.

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Predictive Replacement Planning

Enhance capital medical inventory management and develop strategic plans to meet organizational and financial goals.

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Recall Management

Ensure the removal of harmful products before they reach the patient with automated recall management software.

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Clinical Evidence Assessment

Enhance insights and decisions on new, emerging, and existing technologies with independent evidence analysis.

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