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Confidently make vendor selections based on key performance indicators and clinical evidence analysis

Modernize your sourcing events from start to finish.

ECRI is a leading provider of healthcare supply chain solutions, offering leaders a seamless and efficient process for sourcing events. Through expert management of sourcing processes, ECRI delivers faster, smarter, and easier solutions for healthcare organizations. This includes developing and submitting Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to vendors, meticulously analyzing and comparing their responses, and ultimately offering expert guidance and recommendations to streamline decision-making. Our extensive library of existing RFP templates can help you quickly and effortlessly jumpstart an RFP project.

Accelerate decision-making and streamline time-consuming processes.

Healthcare leaders can rely on ECRI's strategic sourcing solutions to revolutionize the procurement processes. By leveraging industry-leading content, tapping into the expertise of seasoned and trusted subject matter experts and utilizing a robust repository of ready-to-use RFP templates, ECRI delivers a cutting-edge sourcing solution that's both lean and transparent. This approach ensures organizations have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information, allowing leaders to make informed decisions that improve departmental bandwidth and profitability margins.


RFP Templates available


Hours saved by member's staff, per sourcing event


Average spend savings per category

Save valuable time and improve outcomes.

With expert RFP management and analysis, healthcare leaders can streamline procurement processes and save significant time and effort. By partnering with ECRI, organizations can benefit from tailored RFPs designed to elicit objective and comparable vendor responses. This customized and strategic sourcing approach not only saves time but also promotes transparency and efficiency, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

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