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Educational Webinar Series

Access on-demand webinars featuring experts in military cultural competence, veteran mental health, toxic exposure, and best practices in veteran care. A program overview webinar is available for download now in the SALUTE toolkit – with additional webinars for SALUTE Honor Roll members.

SALUTE Program Overview and Strategies to Engage Veterans and Providers

This webinar will provide an overview of the SALUTE Program, describe service-related health risks for military veterans, discuss the veteran and provider roles in a provider-patient partnership for safety, and describe strategies to engage patients and providers in partnering for safety.

Kelly Smith, PhD
Michael Garron Chair in Patient Oriented Research, Chief Scientific Officer, Interim, Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto East Health Network
Associate Professor and Co-Lead for Outcomes & Evaluation in the Institute of Health Policy, Management, & Evaluation at the University of Toronto

Shannon Davila, MSN, RN, CPPS, CPHQ, CIC, FAPIC
Executive Director of Total Systems Safety, ECRI

To access this webinar, download SALUTE tools.

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Webinars for SALUTE Honor Roll Members

To access these additional educational webinars, join the SALUTE Honor Roll by emailing or click below.


Implementing the SALUTE Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

This webinar will review the SALUTE Program tools in detail, discuss the purpose of the implementation guide, describe the steps to implement the SALUTE Program and discuss how joining the SALUTE Program Honor Roll can create a learning system for improvement.

Shannon Davila, MSN, RN, CPPS, CPHQ, CIC, FAPIC
Executive Director of Total Systems Safety, ECRI

Military Cultural Competency 101 for Healthcare Providers

This webinar will provide an overview of military culture, structure and norms that govern those who serve and their families, the impact transitioning from the military to civilian life can have on a service member and best practices to engage patients that are veterans.

Ann Treadaway, Ed.D.
Director Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services
Rutgers University

Mental Health Risks for Veterans

This webinar will address the various mental health risks faced by veterans, including PTSD and substance use. Experts will provide insights into the underlying causes and symptoms. The session will explore strategies for providers to assess for the need for mental health support systems and resources for veterans.

Shaun Lewis
Veterans Outreach Coordinator
Emory Healthcare Veterans Program

Impacts of Military Service, Including Health Concerns Related to Toxic Exposures”  currently it is listed as“Toxic Exposure Risks for Veterans

Stephen C Hunt, MD, MPH
VA National Director, Post-Deployment Integrated Care Initiative (PDICI) VAPS Environmental Exposures Clinic Director Clinical Professor, UW Department of Medicine, OEM Program
Lucille Burgo-Black, M.D.
Director and Co-Director, Post-Deployment Integrated Care Initiative, VA Connecticut Health Care System

Understanding What Moral Injury is and How to Recognize it

This webinar will examine what moral injury is and how to recognize it among your veteran patient population. Moral injury refers to the psychological, social, and spiritual impact of events or acts that a person performs, witnesses, or fails to prevent, which conflict with one’s own deeply held moral beliefs and values.

To Be Announced

Overview of VA Benefits

This webinar will discuss how healthcare providers can become familiar with service-related health conditions, information on VA benefits and resources, and how civilian healthcare providers can collaborate with VA providers to support veteran health management.

Phuoc Hong Le, MD, FACP, FAPWCA
Internal Medicine
Deputy Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Education
VA Medical Center, Coatesville

Military Sexual Trauma

This webinar will define military sexual trauma (MST) and describe the impact it can have on veterans' health, describe how to screen for and respond sensitively to disclosures of MST, and how to provide treatment that is sensitive to and/or addresses the unique impact MST has on veterans’ experiences.

To Be Announced

Webinar Subject Matter Experts