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ECRI-Penn Medicine Evidence-based Practice Center

Transforming research into actionable insights that enhance healthcare practices.

Enhance healthcare quality through systematic evidence reviews.

ECRI and Penn Medicine's partnership to form the ECRI-Penn Medicine EPC Program stands at the forefront of advancing healthcare quality and evidence-based medicine. By focusing on the systematic review, synthesis, translation, and dissemination of research evidence, this collaboration ensures healthcare practices are informed by the most current and comprehensive evidence available.

Discover evidence-based reports and technology assessments on key issues.

Our in-depth, Evidence-based Reports and Technology Assessments meticulously sift through clinical trials, health records, and technological data. This exhaustive review is anchored in a critical appraisal of the evidence's strength and relevance, leveraging ECRI's analyses alongside Penn Medicine's clinical expertise to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Nation's only organization designated as both an Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) and Patient Safety Organization (PSO)

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) designated Evidence-Based Practice Centers in the U.S.

Inform strategic healthcare policy and practice development.

We convert extensive healthcare research into practical insights, to help guide organizations through the complexity of healthcare innovations and practices. This strategic guidance ensures healthcare delivery is both efficient and aligned with the latest scientific evidence, improving patient outcomes and shaping the future of healthcare policy.

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