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International Medication Safety Update

Around the world numerous organizations are tirelessly working to make medication-use systems safer. While the focus of these organizations may differ, they all share a common goal of ensuring that patients around the world have access to safe medications, provided by knowledgeable healthcare professionals and organizations working with the right tools under the guidance of just leadership and governance. Now more than ever it is important for these organizations to work together in order to identify and respond to emerging preventable medication adverse drug events, share best practices for safe medication use, and work to engage patients as an integral part of the healthcare system. Errors are rarely unique to an individual practitioner, patient care unit, hospital, or geographic region. It is only through open communication and sharing of medication errors, their causes, and the risks that we can learn from one another, share best practices, and advance patient safety on a global scale.

This webinar will discuss how organizations around the world interact with and complement one another with a focus on The International Medication Safety Network (IMSN), an international network of established safe medication practice centers, who monitor for adverse drug reactions and medication errors and produce guidance to minimize preventable harms from medication use in practice. There will be a discussion of ongoing global medication safety initiatives and review of some topics of interest from recent international meetings and workgroups.

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Supporting Materials

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Learning Objectives

  1. Review four organizations with a focus on medication safety around the world.

  2. Identify how these organizations cooperate with one another to share expertise and best practices.

  3. Understand the importance on collecting adverse event reports and signal detection for identifying emerging medication risks.

  4. Identify five current global medication safety initiatives.  


Tyler Nichols, PharmD, BCPS, 2022-2023 ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellow, ISMP

CE Accreditation

No continuing education credits are available for this activity. 

This activity is supported by Novartis, Name Creation & Regulatory Strategy.


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