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News Release

ISMP Releases Updated Sterile Compounding Guidelines

In the more than ten years since the first Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) sterile compounding summit, the technology market has widened with a sharp increase in the number of products available and organizations adopting technology solutions. ISMP has published revised safe practice guidelines to address the growing use of sterile compounding workflow management systems, automated compounding devices, and robotic compounding automation.

“Despite the advancements we have seen, ISMP’s survey on pharmacy sterile compounding processes has revealed there are still opportunities to improve safety,” says Christina Michalek, BSc Pharm, RPh, FASHP, Director of Membership and Patient Safety Organization (PSO). “We set out not only to review the current use of automation and other technologies and recommend best practices, but also to provide guidance when technology cannot be used.”

The ISMP Guidelines for Sterile Compounding and the Safe Use of Sterile Compounding Technology
was developed by stakeholders at an invitational, virtual summit. Participants included an expert panel, informed users, compounding technology vendors, professional healthcare organizations, and medication safety and regulatory experts.  

The guidelines provide recommendations for essential technology attributes, safe pharmacy processes, and ways to mitigate safety gaps for each technology, as well as general best practices for compounding technology and sterile compounding. The document also addresses ways that technology vendors and developers can help practitioners reduce risks, including establishing bi-directional interfaces and providing additional wireless hardware to facilitate compounding without increasing the potential for frequent sterility breaches.

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