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White Paper

White Paper | Responsive Staffing and Scheduling in Aging Services

Learn how to implement a responsive staffing model that is stable, flexible, and responsive to the organization’s needs

Continuity of care is highly dependent on continuity of staffing and scheduling. It also profoundly influences risk, quality, and safety. Problems in staffing and scheduling can lead to a multitude of potentially dangerous conditions including poor morale, diminished job satisfaction, a lack of team cohesion, and mismatches between workload and available staff—all of which can lead to performance gaps in the delivery of care and services.

In order to create care and service delivery environments that inhibit the occurrence of adverse events and quality problems, staffing and scheduling is care-critical, directly affecting an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission, as well as protect its reputation and bottom line. In an industry that is dependent upon people caring for people, these issues are fundamental.

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