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White Paper

White Paper | Operationalizing High Reliability in Aging Services through Systems Safety

Download your complimentary copy now to learn how to build the HRO framework in aging services organizations.

Healthcare leaders know that building a high reliability organization protects patient safety and organizational success. Now you can learn how to apply that proven HRO framework to aging services organizations.

Approximately 50% of adverse healthcare events are preventable. Healthcare organizations continually work to prevent these events and enhance quality and outcomes for their patients. This white paper describes how aging service providers can implement the structure and guiding principles of High Reliability Organizations to bridge gaps among quality assurance, performance improvement, and patient and worker safety.

ECRI will walk you through the structure of high reliability organizations (HRO) including its five pillars:
1. A deference to expertise
2. Reluctance to simplify
3. Sensitivity to operations
4. Commitment to resilience
5. Preoccupation with failure

Next, ECRI experts discuss how these historically acute care principals can be applied in long term care, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing settings, and other aging service organizations to meet your unique needs.

This deeper look at the HRO framework as applied to aging services organizations, includes a review of case studies from acute care and an examine of how a systems approach to safety can help providers achieve high reliability while completing key quality assurance and performance goals.

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