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White Paper

White Paper | Evolution of Risk Mitigation in Value Analysis during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities on multiple levels in healthcare supply chains, particularly those associated with ensuring adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare providers, such as reported in Frontline and 60 Minutes news programs, and medications to treat patients.

Paradigm shifts during COVID-19 responses included healthcare service disruption (e.g., elective procedure shutdown), staff furloughs, and telehealth’s voluminous growth. With reduced revenues still threatening, health systems combat intense pressure to ensure cost-effectiveness while struggling to address high demand for PPE; scarce, newly approved COVID-19 medications; and how to protect patients and staff. Technologies have emerged with promise to aid healthcare systems (e.g., in response to infection control) but have also lacked definitive safety and efficacy evidence.

While a devastating experience, the COVID-19 pandemic offers critical lessons for supply chain and value analysis professionals. Among them is the critical role that physicians play in the value analysis process, especially in assessing clinical evidence, to ensure patient safety and outcomes.
Andrew Furman, MD, MMM, FACEPExecutive Director, Clinical ExcellenceECRI

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Learn about key takeaways identified including how clinician and supply chain leaders can strengthen integration and how evidence is a significant component to consider during early decision-making.

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Joint Statement

ECRI and the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) have collaborated to bring members and value analysis professionals this content. We acknowledge the many contributors who have made this project possible and give a special thank you to all the healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to helping others, including tireless efforts at the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.