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Webinar | When Peer Support Is Not Enough—Referring Colleagues with Severe COVID-19-Related Stress


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Join Dr. Tim McDonald, Chief Patient Safety & Risk Officer, RLDatix, Dr. Andy Furman, Executive Director, Clinical Excellence, ECRI, and special guest Dr. Carla Marienfeld for an important discussion on COVID-19 and its impact on physician health. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to recognize when colleagues exhibit severe signs and symptoms of COVID-19-related stress, depression, and other indicators that they may need more than peer support.

This session will build on concepts covered during RLDatix and ECRI’s joint webinar, “Empathetic Communication and Caring for the Caregiver During COVID-19.” However, past webinar attendance is not a prerequisite for this new webinar to be of value. Interested in watching the on-demand version in advance? Find it here.

During this webinar, we highlight “motivational interviewing” strategies that assist those in need of a higher level of care to make the personal choice to seek it. We will also discuss how hardwiring the Care for the Caregiver component of CANDOR provides the opportunity for organizations to systematically offer this crucial support to, and receive it from, others in the support of the workforce.

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Learning objectives

At the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify when colleagues need more than peer support provided by emotional first aid
  • Know and utilize “Motivational Interviewing” strategies to assist colleagues who need and are seeking a higher level of care
  • Understand how CANDOR supports all of these efforts

Agenda & Speakers

Andrew Furman, MD, MMM, FACEP

Executive Director, Clinical Excellence, ECRI

Carla Marienfeld, MD, UCSD

Psychiatrist and Associate Professor at the University of California

Timothy McDonald, MD, JD

Chief Patient Safety & Risk Officer, RLDatix