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Webinar | COVID-19 Post-ICU Syndrome: The Coming Wave That Needs Attention Now and What the Evidence Indicates


The effects of COVID-19 on patients who required mechanical ventilation during intensive care unit stays are far from over upon their discharge from the hospital and short-term rehabilitation. These patients are at high risk of developing a debilitating syndrome that can persist months or longer and that is associated with significant morbidity and mortality: Post-intensive care syndrome (PICS).

Sufficient follow-up and screening for PICS to effectively treat and manage the syndrome is critical. Increased diagnosis and treatment could create a capacity challenge for rehabilitation facilities and mental health service providers in regions with many COVID-19 survivors.

Webinar recording

Agenda & Speakers

Alfredo Penzo-Mendez, PhD

Senior Research Analyst, Clinical Evidence Assessment

Patricia Stahura, RN, MSN

Senior Analyst and Consultant, Patient Safety, Risk & Quality

Jesse Munn

Associate Director, Clinical Evidence Assessment