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ECRI’s Virtual Roadshow: Emerging Technologies to Watch in 2021 and Beyond


Roadshow Webinar

During the COVID-19 pandemic, having access to benchmark pricing and comparison data was a key component in helping our clients compare products high in demand and guiding alternate purchasing decisions with greater ease and assurance. As we emerge from the pandemic, this same information will be vital for identifying and executing on standardization opportunities to help fill the revenue gaps created by COVID-19.

This event will inform key decision-makers about emerging technologies and is appropriate for healthcare executives, value analysis professionals, clinicians, CMO’s, supply chain directors, payer organizations, and product managers.

During this event, ECRI’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Anthony Montagnolo shared emerging technologies to watch to help healthcare organizations plan and identify the best opportunities for advancing patient care.

The team also shared an inside look at ECRI’s Functional Equivalents solution. Learn firsthand how to best leverage its unique informational capabilities directly within ECRI’s Value Analysis Workflow.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the technologies that have the potential to re-shape healthcare in 2021 and beyond
  • View real examples of functional equivalents embedded in the ECRI Value Analysis Workflow
  • Learn how to optimize the value analysis workflow through ECRI's identified best practices

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Register to view a recording of our January 27, 2021, live event.

Agenda & Speakers

Tony Montagnola

Anthony J. Montagnolo, MS

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, ECRI

Since 2001, Anthony J. Montagnolo has served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of ECRI. A member of ECRI’s staff for over 30 years, Montagnolo has deep experience in medical technology evaluation, procurement, management, and technology strategic planning. Prior to assuming these roles, Montagnolo spent five years on ECRI’s executive team as vice president for technology planning. He focused on expanding ECRI’s healthcare technology advisory and consulting services.

Jon Trigg

Jon Trigg, MBA

Vice President, Sales and Client Management, ECRI

Since 2013, Mr. Trigg has served as Vice President of Sales and Client Management at ECRI, an internationally recognized, non-profit organization improving the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of care across all healthcare settings. As a member of the Executive Committee, he focuses on expanding and advancing ECRI’s services ultimately improving patient health world-wide. Mr. Trigg works closely with customers to define products and services future direction and is recognized as a digital hospital expert speaking at events nationwide and on Capitol Hill.

Leslie Van Alstyne

Leslie Van Alstyne

Director of Operations, SELECTplus, ECRI

Leslie Van Alstyne is the Director of Operations of the SELECTplus team. SELECTplus is ECRI's solution for identifying cost savings and providing decision support for capital medical/IT. Leslie has been with ECRI for over 20 years working on the Select team. She supports the development and implementation of our Value Analysis Workflow solution. She assists with Sales support and client training on these ECRI solutions.

Jesse Munn

Jesse M Munn, MBA

Associate Director, Clinical Evidence Assessment, ECRI

Jesse Munn serves as an associate director for clinical evidence assessment and genetic test assessment services. Munn joined ECRI in 2003 and previously contributed to ECRI’s patient safety and health system risk management solutions. As associate director, he leads a team of research analysts who deliver expert evidence assessment and education about various health technology topics (drugs, devices, procedures, and care processes).

Kristina Cybularz

Kristina Cybularz

Manager, PriceGuide – Supply Chain Services, ECRI

Kristina Cybularz is the manager of supply chain services and has been with the organization for more than eight years. After several years of managing ECRI’s recall management solution, Kristina now manages ECRI's Functional Equivalent solution, which provides alternative purchase solutions for members. Kristina manages a team of Medical Supply Specialists who compile custom reports and category development to support members and to grow the product offering. She is a proud alumna of Penn State University, where she graduated with a concentration in Political Science and Health Policy.