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Audio and Web Conference

Video | Value Analysis: Creative Ways to Reduce Spend amidst Inflation and Disruption


As the fallout from the last several years continues inflicting record levels of inflation, employee turnover, and supply shortages—now coupled with the ending of several government programs supporting healthcare operations—there has never been a more challenging time for healthcare value analysis committees. Finding new and innovative ways to identify savings within your supply chain while avoiding any potential disruption is paramount to a healthcare organization’s success.

During this webinar, ECRI experts and leaders from the value analysis field will explore solutions organizations can implement now to make a meaningful fiscal impact.

Learning objectives

During this live webinar, we will explore:

  • The current and future challenges facing value analysis committees
  • Innovative ways to manage challenges on pricing and availability of supplies and equipment
  • New tactics to negotiate in today’s supply chain landscape
  • How to prepare for future challenges to the supply chain within your organization
  • The impact of availability and pricing for key supplies and equipment on operational success and safety

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Agenda & Speakers

Tim Browne

Tim Browne

Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions, ECRI
Timothy D. Browne is ECRI's Vice President of Global Supply Chain Solutions and has 30+ years of dedicated service to the nonprofit organization. Mr. Browne developed and oversees ECRI’s industry-leading, supply-chain service offerings which support healthcare in the following areas: procurement and management of capital equipment; medical surgical supplies and implants; and purchase services and workflow systems to help automate the procurement processes— including value analysis and strategic sourcing. ECRI’s supply-chain service offerings are utilized by over 3K providers worldwide and its corresponding spend management databases represent the largest, GPO-agnostic price-benchmarking databases available in the market today.

Hays Waldrop

Hays Waldrop

Founder, IHES
W. Hays Waldrop, a healthcare entrepreneur, founded the Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers, the Council of Supply Chain Executives, and the Council of Pharmacy Executives and Suppliers, starting in 2002. All three organizations serve more than 200 healthcare executives and more than 65 supplier companies each year. Mr. Waldrop has been recognized twice as one of the Top 100 Healthcare Executives in the talent-rich Nashville market, a multiyear Nashville In Charge Healthcare recipient, as well as honored with the Nashville Business Journal’s Healthcare Hero Award.

Barbara Strain

Barbara Strain

Principal, Barbara Strain Consulting LLC
Barbara Strain practices as an independent healthcare value consultant assisting a wide range of clients from new, emerging, and disruptive technology, Fortune 500 companies, medical innovation centers in developing relevant value propositions and reimagining value program governance structures for providers. Prior to becoming an independent healthcare value consultant, Barbara had a distinguished career as a healthcare provider across multiple specialties including clinical laboratory operations, microbiology, disinfection, sterilization, and infection control. She spent 20+ years as a value analysis professional directing a highly functioning, successful value management program governed by an executive steering committee.

James Russell

James Russell, RN-BC, MBA, CVAHP

Director, Clinical Resource Management, MD Anderson
James Russell has been a Registered Nurse for more than 30 years. His career has been roughly segmented into thirds: About a decade each in critical care, psychiatry, and value analysis. He's been at all levels of nursing management, including Chief Nursing Officer. He has been full time in value analysis since 2008, creating departments in several Academic Medical Centers. He has presented at many conferences and published >30 articles on value analysis and nursing leadership. In his current role at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Jim directs the Clinical Resource Management department, with the overall goal of bringing efficiency, standardization and outcome/evidence-based product / equipment / software / pharmaceutical choices to clinical practice. When his head is not in spreadsheets, his time is spent trying to keep his wife (also a nurse) from spoiling their two rescue dogs.

Theresa Maas

Theresa Maas

Manager, Value Analysis, ECRI
Theresa Maas is ECRI's Manager of Value Analysis Workflow and has been in healthcare for 20 years. Theresa spent 10 years as a nurse in Intensive Care, then transitioned into healthcare leadership and management roles including serving as a Chief Nursing Officer. Theresa is passionate about providing a safe, efficient, and collaborative care environment to patients. Since 2016 Theresa has been a progressive contributor to healthcare value analysis developing structured programs at Academic Medical Centers, attending various internal and external panels as a subject matter expert, and engaging in deeply rooted clinical process improvement projects to enhance positive patient outcomes.