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Audio and Web Conference

Top 10 Health Technology Hazards 2021: An In-Depth Look at Managing Medical Devices with COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorization


Our February 17, 2021, webcast recording explores the number 1 topic on this year's Top 10 Health Technology Hazards list: Complexity of Managing Medical Devices with COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Presenters discussed FDA's criteria for issuing EUAs, the temporary nature of EUA device authorization, and actionable recommendations for managing EUA devices in your facility during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Register to view the session recording, including live Q&A, plus supplementary materials.


  • Andrew Furman, MD, MMM, FACEP, Executive Director, Clinical Excellence, ECRI
  • Amanada Sivek, PhD, Principal Project Officer, Device Evaluation, ECRI
  • Tom Toczylowski, Assistant Director, Healthcare Product Alerts, ECRI
  • Rob Schluth, Principal Project Officer, Device Evaluation, ECRI
  • Jason Launders, MS, Director of Operations, Device Evaluation, ECRI

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Supplementary materials

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The following is an example of the type of alerts ECRI will be publishing in its Health Devices Alerts database to keep members apprised of any substantial EUA changes:

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Our interdisciplinary staff is here to help you address your most challenging issues in your response to COVID-19. We have compiled free resources in the ECRI COVID-19 Resource Center. Please contact us for assistance and to learn more. 

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