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Audio and Web Conference

Video | Mergers and Acquisitions: Assessing the Technology


Integrating operations of healthcare providers, regardless of their relative size, can be a complex project, and is becoming more common. Ensuring the safe and seamless provision of care throughout the integration requires process integration at multiple levels, including the medical devices. The process is made more complex as the devices and systems require themselves integration. Clinical Engineers play a central role in ensuring the process is a success and without surprises.

View the recording to learn about the challenges related to healthcare mergers and acquisitions for veteran biomedical engineers.

Learning objectives

During this lab webcast, we will discuss:
1. Why the involvement of Biomedical Engineering/Health Technology vital
2. Key steps
3. How to integrate systems and maintain cybersecurity
4. Common mistakes

View the recording

Agenda & Speakers

Jason Launders

Director of Operations, Device Evaluation, ECRI
Jason Launders has been at ECRI since 1998 and is currently the Director of Operations for the Device Evaluation group. Jason’s primary responsibility is managing ECRI’s laboratory-based evaluations of medical technologies. Jason has an MSc in Medical Physics and spent his earlier time at ECRI evaluating a wide range of diagnostic imaging technology, such as: CT, MRI, PACS, and Digital Radiography. Today, he is responsible for developing the content of evaluations to ensure they meet the needs of our members.

Samantha Jacques

Vice President, Clinical Engineering, McClaren Healthcare
Samantha Jacques is the vice president of Clinical Engineering at McLaren Health Care, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan. McLaren is an integrated health network including 14 hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers and Michigan’s largest network of cancer centers. She is the Chair of the AAMI Healthcare Technology Leadership Council and an executive committee member of the Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council. She is active in ACCE (American College of Clinical Engineering), the Medical Device Serving Community and CHIME and has recently co-authored a book entitled “Introduction to Clinical Engineering.” Prior to McLaren, she was Director of Clinical Engineering at Penn State Health and Texas Children's Hospital. She has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and AAMI.

Erin Sparnon

Senior Engineering Manager, Device Evaluation, ECRI
Erin Sparnon is a senior engineering manager in ECRI’s Device Evaluation Group and leads a team of engineers and analysts in the testing and evaluation of medical devices as well as accident and forensic investigations involving device failures. She provides consulting services for hospitals and health systems and coordinates with ECRI’s risk and patient safety departments to help shape EHR and HIT safety initiatives. Erin contributed to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority as a Senior Patient Safety Analyst, co-authoring a landmark survey analysis of safety events related to electronic health records (EHR). a study that received national recognition.

Juuso Leinonen, BEng

Principal Project Engineer, Device Evaluation, ECRI
Juuso Leinonen is a principal project engineer for the Device Evaluation group at ECRI, where he performs comparative medical device evaluations and investigates medical device related accidents. Juuso has more than seven years experience in biomedical engineering. He has published several ECRI evaluations, guidance articles, and medical device hazard reports in his areas of expertise, which include medical device cybersecurity, infusion technology, pharmacy technologies, and telehealth. Juuso holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from City University London, United Kingdom.