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Darryl Goss

Darryl Goss joined ECRI in February 2024 as Chief Technology Officer. Goss has nearly 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions at public and private equity firms enhancing technological capabilities in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Goss leads the technological transformation and delivery of ECRI’s externally facing products and services. He is driven to provide a high-quality member experience and help healthcare decision-makers leverage data to improve the safety and efficiency of patient care.

For ECRI’s information technology programming, Goss directs internally facing business operations for the organization’s global and mostly remote workforce. Before being named CTO, Goss served as a member of ECRI’s external IT Tech Advisory Council, which was established to offer expert advice on technologies, data strategy and tech roadmaps.

Prior to joining ECRI, Goss served as Chief Executive Officer of Inform Diagnostics, a provider of anatomic pathology laboratory services; President of Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals (SAFC) Hitech, a manufacturing division for pharmaceutical and tech organizations; and Vice President and General Manager of Europe and Asia Pacific for SAFC's life science services. As a healthcare consultant, he was engaged by private equity firms to evaluate and improve company operations, lead strategic planning, and initiate technology investments.